Commercial Electrical Services

Office Lighting

An office that feels old, dark and dreary, or is overly bright, can discourage potential tenants from choosing your commercial building. Lighting may also be taking a toll on your current workforce and making them less happy and productive. One of the lighting specialists at T.C. Electric can find a lighting solution for your office space that will greatly improve the look and feel of the office space without breaking the budget.

Office Lighting

There is a lot more to office lighting than one might think. There is a science behind choosing the color, brightness, and quantity of light in a work area. Desks and other work areas should be brighter than their surroundings to create contrast and increase focus. Traditional white fluorescent lights are inexpensive but can cause headaches. Different types of work are better suited to different types of lights. Natural light is great when shielded appropriately to prevent glare.

Electrical Contractors

T.C. Electric is a popular choice for contractors all over Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland and Delaware. Our electricians are clean, professional and on time. We have a number of certified electricians which allows us to handle the larger jobs. The size of our company means that we have better availability and flexibility than our smaller competitors.

Electrical Contractor

Common Projects

  • Home Additions
  • Home Remodeling
  • New Home Construction
  • Commercial Building Construction
  • Commercial Renovations
  • New Electrical System Installations

Commercial Electrical Maintenance

T.C. Electric is on call for all of our commercial customers. When there is an issue with the electrical system in one of the buildings of our commercial or industrial customers we get a technician out right away to address the problem.

Bucket Truck

Outdoor Commercial Lighting

TC Electric has the experience and the equipment needed for commercial outdoor lighting projects. Our bucket truck can handle the hard to reach places like parking lights and lighted signs. Our electricians install outdoor lighting and other electrical upgrades to save energy, create a professional look, and handle lighting timers and motion sensors. TC Electric is a great fit for indoor or outdoor commercial projects and often maintain the entire electrical system in commercial buildings.